City of Boston College Guide

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston

Dear Students:

During my 1994 inaugural address, I made a pledge to the freshmen of all Boston public high schools. I promised Boston’s students that I would work in partnership with those in higher education and in private industry to make access to college an attainable goal. One of the milestones that we have passed on the way to facilitating this goal was the completion of the “Directory of Scholarships for Boston Students'. This handbook lists Massachusetts-based scholarships that are available for the students of Boston. We have now reached a new milestone—publishing the directory on-line as part of the new Boston youth-oriented website, To help students attain their goal to attend college, this college guidance page also includes some great links that I hope will assist you through this process. Please encourage your friends to use this online information on a computer at school, the library, or at home.

This online directory brings us one step closer to the goal of helping students to gain access to college. It is an ongoing process - one that I will continue to support. But much of the challenge and the reward rests with you. As you prepare for your future, I offer my enthusiastic support, encouragement, and best wishes.

Thomas M. Menino

Mayor of Boston